Now more than ever our unsheltered residents need to be indoors at night so that they have somewhere to shelter in place and help stop the spread of the virus. The unhoused includes some of our most vulnerable residents. Many are elderly and most have severe chronic health conditions. We are committed to staying open as long as the shelter-in-place order stands.  

To ensure that guests and staff are safe, the following protocols have been enacted:

  • Health screening of any new guests, reducing exposure when guests are added.

  • Masks must be worn by guests and staff.

  • Staff must wear surgical N95 masks and vinyl gloves.

  • Upon intake, any guest exhibiting coughing, chills, fever or other suspect symptoms are instructed to visit county urgent care and return only with a medical release.

  • Infrared thermometer used to take temperature of all guests.

  • Upon intake, guests must wash hands according to directive instructions and after any exit/re-entry into the building.

  • Meals are now served at each guests' bedside instead of at tables.

  • Sleeping mats must be 8' apart between guests.

  • All sleeping mats are disinfected daily.

  • All bathroom fixtures and hard surfaces are disinfected twice per day.

  • Bathroom use is restricted to 2 people at a time.

  • Everyone is instructed to cough into their arm.

  • Everyone is instructed to use hand sanitizer often.