Offering Hope...

Grace Solutions is a non profit organization that offers tools to houseless people in downtown San Jose, so they can move on to a more stable, safer and fulfilling life. 

- We offer emergency shelter, classes, coaching, dinners, and showers in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement.
- We embrace people of all ethnic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, religious affiliations and national origins.
- If you feel you don't belong anywhere and long for hope, Grace Solutions can offer you a caring environment without judgment.

Winter Shelter 

For three months during the winter, we provide emergency shelter facilities to prevent houseless people from suffering the hardship of living outside when it's cold and rainy. 

Every night, we offer dinner provided by some of the many partners we have in the community. Delicious homemade meals are brought to us and shared in an environment of friendship and community.

Our showers are available for the residents at convenient times. Our staff is very helpful in assisting the residents to set up every night and set down every morning.

HOPE Program

"Year round shelter" from May-November,where where a small group of residents receive coaching in life skills with the ultimate aim of finding permanent housing.

We are always in need of donations to keep our services going. Please donate here: